You’re Going at Your Health and Fitness All Wrong…And I was Too

Tired of doing it all on your own?  Looking for support on your faith and fitness journey?  Then you’ve come to the right place.

We aren’t meant to do life on our own.  You and I were created to be social.  We thrive on relationship.  

Growing  up I was a loner.  I liked to be myself (or that’s what I said).  I stayed close to home.  But why did I do this?  It wasn’t really that I liked to be alone…  

The definition of a loner is that they avoid the company of others.  And, to avoid something is to keep away from, and it’s usually in the context of something unhealthy or unsafe.

You're going at your health and fitness all wrong. I was too. Share on X

So here’s the thing….to be a loner, or to want to spend all your time alone, is perhaps because you don’t feel safe around other people.  It was totally the reason I kept to myself.  Why?  Because I wasn’t comfortable with myself.   They didn’t judge me.  I judged me.  Others were okay with me.  Yet, I wasn’t okay with me.  I compared myself to others.  I struggled with how I felt about myself.  And so I fought the battle of my mind and the struggle to live a healthy lifestyle on my own.  

Over time I learned some things. I came out of that shell, so to speak, and I began to step out and trust people and live life with others.  By doing that I learned that others struggle with things like I did.  I learned that in the midst of sharing struggles we find support and encouragement.  

I talk to too many women who still struggle with these feelings especially as it relates to her health and fitness journey.  She’s battling feelings of insecurity and trying to stick to a healthy lifestyle on her own.  She’s comparing herself to pictures in magazines and to women she doesn’t even know.

But that’s not how it’s supposed to be.  All of us have areas of struggle.  We need the support and encouragement of each other.  One may have no trouble getting up early to workout, but she struggles to drink her water everyday.  Another may struggle to fight off late night cravings, but she wakes up early for her morning quiet time.  

Support is key when you're on the journey of health and fitness. Share on X

This is why we need each other.   Although I coach and counsel women one-on-one, I find that many need the community found in group coaching to stick to her plan.  Even though this place is all about keeping your eyes on your own paper, it doesn’t mean you go at it alone.  This is about finding your own fit and being free to live it among other women.  It’s how we fight the feelings of comparison and competition among ourselves and instead celebrate each other for how she is fearfully and wonderfully made.  



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