Sunday devotional

You Have a Good Father ~ Sunday Devotional

May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed. Psalm 20:4 (NIV)

The commentary in my study Bible says this: “God does not grant every desire of our hearts, but neither does He withhold the desires of our hearts when they are in tune with His purposes.”  

Our focus in life must be Jesus first. Him above everything else. When we are following Him closely, we will begin to align with those things that He wants for us. Our hearts will be in tune with the beat of His heart. 

If you’re a parent, I’m guessing you have not given your child everything he or she has ever wanted. Oftentimes you know better what is good for your child than he does. It’s Christmastime, and children are making their lists. What sounds good right now might not be something they’ll use two months from now. You can see ahead and see the bigger picture. 

God is the same way. He knows what’s ahead. He knows what you need now and what you’ll need two weeks, two months, two years from now. 

Have you ever asked God to change your looks in one way or another? Make me skinny, Lord. Make me pretty like her, Lord. Let me get stronger, faster, taller, younger, etc. I think you’re getting the point!

God wants you to be healthy and well, but He also wants you to learn to trust Him. He wants you to honor Him by honoring your body. He doesn’t want you to punish or shame yourself into change. And He’ll not simply change you on the outside without first changing you on the inside. 

What are your desires? Are you wondering why you’re not getting what you want? 

Do you have plans in regards to your body? Are you integrating your faith and your fitness?  Are you inviting Him to lead you rather than rely on a new diet trend or fake supplement? 

His ultimate purpose for each and every one of us is to follow Him. He wants our hearts and wants to be first in our lives. God wants you to accept His love for you and see yourself the way that He does – fearfully and wonderfully made. He wants you to pursue health not for the outward results but so that you are free to live the life He has designed for you specifically because He created you on purpose and for a purpose. When you do that, He’ll adjust your desires to align with His and those plans will succeed. 

Spend time with the Lord today and ask Him to do some work in your heart so that it beats only for Him.

Happy Sunday!

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