Sunday devotional

God Rejoices Over You ~ Sunday Devotional

God rejoices over you…yes, you.  You, the one who feels alone.  The one who feels overlooked.  You, the one who feels like a failure.  The one who never feels like enough.  The one who feels unworthy, unloved, and unheard. 

God rejoices over you!

Read Isaiah 62, specifically focusing on verses four and five.  You’ll read how much God loves His people.  The passage compares it to a bridegroom and his bride.  

You’ve been at the weddings, you’ve seen the photos, that show the delight in the bridegroom’s eyes when his bride appears.  

God delights in you just the same.  

He sees you…only you.  God cares for you.  He loves you.  

You, yes you, bring Him joy.  

When God created you, He said you were good.  He was pleased with His work, and He wants you to feel that, see that, and know that.  

Just as the bridegroom only has eyes for the bride, so God, when He looks at you, only sees you.  You are special to Him. 

I know it’s a bit beyond our comprehension.  We’re tempted to think we’re the exception.  Maybe God looks at her like that, but He could never rejoice over me.   Especially because…. Go ahead and fill in the blank with whatever it is you feel separates you from His love, but then know this:  Nothing can separate you from the love of God.  (see Romans 8:38-39).  

You see, God rejoices over you.  End of story. Please don’t resist it.  Allow this truth to wash over you right now, in this moment.  Know that you are seen, you are heard, you are loved, and you are worth it. 

Happy Sunday!

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