Sunday devotion 2024

Free To Be You ~ Sunday Devotion

God created everything through him, and nothing was created except through him. John 1:3 (NLT)

This verse is written about beautifully in a devotional* I’ve been reading this year. Part of it said this:

We are unique reflections of God’s nature. With that in mind, we should celebrate the way we see the world. No one else has our DNA. How boring it would be if we were all the same, and yet so many of us try to shape-shift to blend in. We were born to be ourselves. We come fully alive in the love of Christ, and we don’t have to look the same as others to do this.

You are free to be you because you were made in Christ. When we truly embrace how we were fearfully and wonderfully made, how could we ever want to be anyone else? He delights in you and in the way He made you. He had a plan and a purpose for you when He created you. 

You are free to be you because God created you just as you are supposed to be. Share on X

Everything about you – God created it. All you have and all you are is a blessing from God. It’s all by His design. And because of that, you are free to be you, the wonderfully, uniquely created you! 

Are you living it? Are you embracing your age and stage of life? Now is the time to step into your one life. 

Action Step: Whose life are you living? God created you in a special way for a special purpose. You are free to be you. Go do it! 

Happy Sunday!  

*God is Love: 365 Devotions from the Gospel of John, by Brian Simmons.  

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