I have created a few free resources that will help you grow in your faith and take a healthy approach to your fitness.

It all starts with God’s word. When I began this journey, I turned to scripture to find truth that would eventually lead me to freedom.  Every day to this day I read and pray scripture that helps me keep my eyes on Jesus and stay surrendered to Him in this process.  To get a copy of a few of those scriptures and prayer to go along with them click here.

What is the Faith and Fitness Framework?  I have learned that there are 4 Pillars to developing a sustainable healthy lifestyle.  Get your guide here.

Looking for workout motivation?  Are you ready to start moving but not sure how or if you’ll stick to it?  Grab a list of scriptures to help get you moving here.

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Community is key.  Accountability and support is important.  Come over to my Facebook community where women gather to support and encourage each other along the way.  This is a safe place, and the doors are always open.

Weekly encouragement straight to your inbox.  I send out an email every Tuesday with some of my personal stories and insights and share anything faith and fitness that God has laid on my heart to share with my inner circle.

Let’s chat.  Maybe you’re not sure where to start.  Set up your free 15 minute call so we can discuss your next best step.

Please feel free to email me directly.  I’d love to chat more and help you decide which of these free resources would be most helpful for you right now.

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