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A Glimpse into My Planner – Fourth Quarter 2020 Review

In 2018, I did a monthly recap post.  Last year, I did two recap posts:  one at six months and one at year end.  This year I’m taking a quarterly approach.  We’ll see how this works out.  You can read the first quarter 2020 recap here, second quarter recap here, and the third here.  

I started doing the recaps because I wanted to give you a glimpse into my planner –  my very favorite life-changing planner. I know that sounds like a bit much, but this planner covers it all! 

A quick overview of the Kitlife Daily Planner

  • The Big 3 – This helps me prioritize.  What three things MUST I get done today?
  • Be Grateful – I note three things for which I’m grateful on that given day.
  • Be Active – This is where I track my daily workouts.

New in the 2020 planners

  • Self-care – I note one thing that I do that day to care for myself, anything from a nap to doing laundry or cleaning the house. 
  • Eat Well – This can serve as a place to note meals planned for the day or something I observe about how I ate or a reaction I had to a certain food such as it left me feeling bloated or left me satisfied.  

In the extra space on each day, I make note of things the Lord shows me during my daily quiet time.  

This planner reduced my desk by three books.  Everything is now in one place, and I love it! So let’s get into the glimpse of the 3rd quarter of 2020.  

This post may contain affiliate links.  It doesn’t change anything for you.  I only share things I love!

4th Quarter Highlights

COVID-19 Continues – It’s been a topic of every review so I’m not going into it much more.  The thing is, 2020 will be known for the pandemic.  It did impact our family vacation that didn’t happen.  We did, however, make the best of it and took a short getaway to Michigan in October.  As far as Thanksgiving, we stayed at home.  It’s the first time ever that it’s just been the four of us.  We usually gather with family on Thanksgiving Day. I really enjoyed it and would be happy to continue this tradition.  

Membership Community – It’s been a lifeline for so many women.  Our weekly zoom calls and the devotional Settle My Soul has gotten us through the final quarter of 2020.  Nobody is worrying about the so-called quarantine 15, or anything like that, because they’ve kept their focus on things that matter even during this difficult time.  And the things that matter are their faith and staying healthy so that they can continue doing what God has called them to do. 

Turn Your Holidays Into Holy-Days – This is the third Christmas for my holiday book.  I love getting messages from women who are reading it for the first time or pulling it out for the third time. One email I received on December 7:  I’m reading day 7. You suggest wearing a mask when you go out in the cold. I had to smile!  2 years after you write this, we all wear mask to keep us healthy. And then on the 22nd, I received another email that said, “what you wrote in 2018 fits today to the max.” 

New affiliate partnership – I found affordable and effective wellness products and decided to partner with the company.  In addition, they have non toxic hair and skincare products.  This affiliation was a perfect fit and perfect time to add to what I can offer women who are looking to naturally improve their health and wellness.  

#Moderation365 – I completed #Moderation365 Nutrition Consultant certification.  I had 4 beta clients and am looking forward to bringing this expertise to my membership and the Faith and Fitness Framework.  

Celebrating 20 years!  Kent and I have been married for 20 years. God has truly blessed us and our family. 

Kitlife Launch – My favorite planners (by my favorite planner gals) launched, and I had the opportunity to participate. I’ll be part of the team for the entire year.  If you want to order any time (or multiple times!), you can use “marsha” as a coupon code to get $5 off your order.  

Be Grateful

  • Health
  • Grocery pick up
  • Zoom calls
  • Oatmilk lattes from Dunkin’ Donuts
  • Health
  • Family dinners
  • Bike rides
  • Pumpkin ice cream
  • Family getaway 
  • Burgers on the grill
  • Christmas lights
  • Snowy run
  • Health 
  • Package delivery
  • Sunshine
  • First snowfall
  • Christmas morning run
  • Did you notice that I mentioned health more than once?  We should never take our health for granted but this year it’s hit me full force how grateful I am for my health.  

Be Active

I ended my run streak.  It lasted an entire year.  But the Achilles injury just let me know that I need to not run every single day.  I hadn’t set out for a run streak that would last forever.  It started with 50 then 100 days and went from there.  Once I got closer to a year, I definitely wanted to see it through.  I’m okay with it ending. 

I did 2 Virtual 5Ks – I’m not a big fan of virtual races but there were 2 that I couldn’t pass up:  5K for World Mental Health Day and Santa Hustle.  

Got out on my bike at least 1 time each month in 2020 so that streak (although I have no idea how many years it’s been going on!) continues.  

Added more walking than I’ve ever done. – I’ve been taking a walk around the block to break up the day and an evening walk most evenings.  This is just to add a few steps to my day (although I don’t use anything to track steps) and some self-care/stress relief.  Did you know that NEAT (Non-exercise activity thermogenesis) activities contribute greatly to your overall health?  You will benefit from adding non-exercise activities to your daily routine. 

Finding money on my run.  This is a thing for me.  It’s something I’m known for.  In fact, people will tag me in their own posts when they find money.  This year I started tracking when I found money.  Before this, I’ve only picked it up and dropped it in a piggy bank on my (now 17 year old) son’s dresser.  Even though I’ve never counted the money before, I know this has been the biggest year ever!  I’ve found three $20 bills along with a lot of change and other bills.  The grand total for 2020: $85.99.  I think there might be a book, or at least an extensive blog post, coming about finding money and the lessons from it. 


Love God Greatly Bible Studies:  Jesus our Everything and Everlasting Covenant. Devotional Settle My Soul with Membership Community. Turn Your Holidays into Holy-Days.  I can’t tell you how many times I and the women in membership said “this is just what I needed today” when we were going through the devotionals.  God’s Word is living and active.  There are no accidents.  His timing is perfect.  He leads us to what  we need when we need it. 


  • Evening walks
  • #Moderation365 nutrition 
  • Paint my fingernails
  • Annual exam and mammography
  • Grocery delivery
  • Hit snooze
  • Cut run short
  • Set work boundaries
  • Pedicure
  • Wash hair
  • Afternoon time out
  • Eye appointment
  • Slowing down
  • Morning routine

Eat Well

#Moderation365 – I’ve been putting into practice what I’m coaching.  It’s been my way of living for several years but it has been good to revisit the strategies and ask myself if I’m staying present and mindful with my eating choices.  The one practice I’ve worked mostly on is eating to 80% fullness.  This requires slowing down and really listening to my hunger and fullness cues.  

What’s next?

I’ve had a lot of opportunities in the last quarter of 2020.  This has brought me to the word Align for 2021.  I’ll be sharing more about my word and all the things that God is helping me align in my life in a way to serve you better.  

Cheers to 2021!

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