It’s Time to Focus: My Word and Scripture for the New Year

Happy New Year!!!

It’s that time of year to pick a word and set an intention.  

While I can look back over my life and identify themes at various times, it was just three years ago when I began to hear about identifying a word for the year and committing to it.  

The first year I chose BENEFICIAL.  (Side note:  When I decided to jump on this word of the year train, I felt I couldn’t do it without identifying a Bible verse to go along with it and actually drive the word and intention for the year.)  And the scripture to go with it was I Corinthians 10:23, “Everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial”.  Not only would this be in regards to what I put INTO my mouth but this would also have an impact on what came OUT of my mouth, my words and even my actions.  While I was not perfect (just ask my family!), I had a focus.  I had an intention.  I had something by which to measure my words, my actions, the foods I chose, my schedule, etc.  Everything came back to this one word and whether or not it was beneficial for me, for my family, for those around me.  I kept the word and verse on a note card where I could see it, pray it, reflect on it every day of 2015.

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Then in 2016, I chose the word RUN.  Although I’m a runner, it wasn’t about the physical activity of running.  This was about Hebrews 12:1 and running my race.  It’s where my hashtag #runmyrace came from and one that I’ll continue to use.  (Feel free to use it too, if you are choosing to run the race marked for you!)  

Now it’s 2017, and I have found my word.  


Again, it took some prayer and reflection to know where God wanted me to go.  I feel like I need to build on what I started last year and therefore I went to the verse right after my verse for 2016.  Hebrews 12:2 says “fixing our eyes on Jesus”.   I’m in the race.  I’m running it.  I want to keep focusing on Him, though.  I want to zero in on where exactly He is leading.  

Too often I see all the things along the side of the journey or the big picture at the end, and it overwhelms me.  So while I’m running my race, that one He’s set before me, I want to keep my eyes on Him.  If you’ve run a race, you know that at the end there’s often a finish chute.  They funnel you into a smaller area to keep everyone in line.  I need to focus, narrow that view so that I’m looking to Him and only going after the goal He has for me.  

Focus in my business is one goal:  glorifying Him by ministering to those women who want and need the message that I have.  

I want to focus on relationships and give priority to my family.   I’m learning that I’m the only wife for my husband and mom for my boys.  They need to be a focus of my time and attention.  Which will mean less time on social media.

Another verse to go along with this word is Psalm 16:11 “You will show me the path of life; in Your presence is fullness of joy….”  If I focus on Him, He will show me the steps to take.  When I truly seek Him for guidance in these areas of my life, He will be faithful to lead the way.  

And finally I’m claiming Colossians 3:2 “Set your minds on things above, not on the earth.”  He is my source.  He is my audience.  My focus doesn’t need to be about worldly fame but pleasing Him.  

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  1. I really like this idea of picking a word for the year. The word “intentional” keeps coming to mind. Be intentional with my husband, kids, time with the Lord, being in the moment (instead of worrying about the next thing).

    1. I love that word Maria and how you will apply it. In my prayer time on this, purpose/purposeful came up as well. I kinda go through a process of elimination when I’m doing it. Best wishes for 2017!

  2. This is a lovely idea. Frankly, I’ve never done it before. Would need to pray to pick a word and scripture to back it up. Sharing on my Fb page.

    1. Thank you! I start thinking and praying over my word in December. This year it took awhile to narrow it down.

  3. I love your word. I’ll be praying for you as you learn to ‘focus’ better throughout this year. I look forward to reading future posts from you!

  4. Hmmm my word for 2017 is adventure. We are possibly going to Malawi this summer and are already planning a frisbee tournament for a college student in Malawi

  5. What a great idea! It’s only 3 days into the year so I guess I can still come up with my word for 2017. Thanks for this!

  6. Kelly Russell

    I love this part, “I want to focus on relationships and give priority to my family. I’m learning that I’m the only wife for my husband and mom for my boys.” I”m learning this too, others can do most of the roles in my life but only I can be my husband’s wife and my kids mom. That makes me pause every time. Here’s to focus in 2017!

    1. Thanks Kelly! Yes, I’ve read and re-read “Famous In Heaven and At Home” by Michelle Myers. I’m letting that truth soak in and trying to do better to live that out.

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