My Year In Review, Part 1: Fitness Goals

Taking a quick glance back to focus ahead on my fitness goals.  

It’s time to do a review of 2016 and a look ahead at 2017, and today I’m focusing only on my fitness goals.  2016 was interesting in the area of fitness and not everything I had planned it to be because I hadn’t planned on being diagnosed with arthritis in my knees shortly after the Michelob Ultra Half Marathon on May 22.  I spent the summer dealing with pain and inflammation and trying to get things under control.  I was finally back to a bit of running by the fall and did 3 5Ks.  

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This is what I posted in the way of fitness goals for 2016 last January:  

Plans for 2016:

  • Hoosier Half Marathon – April 9, 2016 (completed, 2:15:43)
  • 500 Festival Mini Marathon – May 7, 2016 (completed, 2:16:52)
  • Michelob Ultra Half Marathon, Chicago – May 22, 2016 – This is with Team Momentum.  It’s a fundraiser for the MDA Foundation.  In all my distance running, I’ve never run for a cause.  I’m looking forward to shifting my focus for this event (completed, 2:25:45 and raised over $1100!)
  • Monumental Half Marathon – November 5, 2016 (switched to 5K,  27:05)
  • Santa Hustle Half Marathon – December 2016  (switched to 5K, 28:00)
  • Bike outside at least once each month (completed….not too difficult with Indiana weather)
  • Short intense strength sessions and get stronger  (completed using Metabolic Prime workouts)
  • Yoga 2-3 times per week (completed at Pure Motion)
  • Keep a running journal  (First time to do so and loved doing it!)

Total running miles for 2016:  766.5,  lowest year since starting to run.  Slowest half marathon times I’ve ever recorded.  But I made up for it on the bike!  

Total cycling miles:  3025.5 plus 277 on the trainer.  

Had to make some changes to my fitness plans for 2016. What's on tap for 2017? #focus Share on X

Fitness Plans for 2017

  • Run 17 races but I’ll be focusing on shorter distances.  Most will be 5K.  

I have completed one already, Fast Blast 5K on January 1.  (28:05, 1st AG)

I have signed up for:

  • Be My Valentine Cupcake 5K on February 11
  • Polar Bear 5K on February 18
  • Great Chocolate Race 5k on March 12
  • 500 Festival Mini Marathon on May  6 (this will be my 20th time running the Indy Mini and my 60th half marathon so I plan to run, walk, whatever I have to do to complete it!)
  • Indianapolis Half Marathon 5K at Ft. Ben October 7
  • Monumental Marathon 5K November

I have several other races that I’m eyeing and will be adding to the race calendar.  We have several local races I can do here in Shelbyville and I’m looking forward to a few in Indy and hoping for an out of state race as well this year.  

  • Bike outside as much as I can with at least one outside each month.  Shooting for another 3000+ mile year.
  • Keep a training journal.  I enjoyed doing this last year, and it has been really helpful to track knee pain and reaction to various workouts.  


Fitness is a big part of my life.  I love to work out.  I often go on bike rides with friends or have coffee after yoga class.  And of course there’s the Shelby Roadrunners that I’m “mom” to.  We meet three times a week, and I write a weekly newsletter for the group plus help out with Energy2Action events.  

I’m blessed to have a flexible schedule so that I can indulge my passion for biking and running.  I just hope my body cooperates this year!  Everyday I’m thankful for my health and my ability to move about.  If nothing else, running the half with Team Momentum last year taught me to be grateful for my body and the ability to “make a muscle”.    

Fitness is a big part of my life. I'm #blessed to be able to enjoy it! #runmyrace Share on X

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  1. You had a great 2016 and looks like you have some fun 5K races planned for 2017!

    I’ve kept a running journal for a few years now and I love it. I’m a data geek so I enjoy that time after a run to sit down, relax, and transfer all my data from my watch to my journal!

    1. When I joined a running group I started recording mileage but it was just putting a number on my calendar and then I was given a journal at the beginning of last year, and I thought I’d give it a try. I really enjoyed it! Wishing you a great 2017!

  2. I know I keep saying this but I have got to do a race out in Indy one of these days! I am really impressed that you get so many outdoor cycling miles in with the cold weather. I am such a wimp unless it’s over 50 for biking

    1. Thanks! And I’d love for you to make it to Indy for a race! I just hate being inside on a treadmill or a trainer, so I do my best with the bike. I have flexibility in my schedule to go out mid-day as well. Those rides in 30-40 degree weather are pretty short 😉 I take advantage of early sunrise in the summer time and get out as soon as the sun comes up too!

  3. I am proud on my times last year- I hit my goals and it was tons of fun! I am trying to work an Indy race in my schedule- I will let you know if I can swing it! You had a great year and you move fast! Cheers to 2017!

  4. Awesome list of goals and this makes me want to sit down and strategize for 2017 which I have not done yet past running the Star Wars half next weekend. Thanks for the boost in motivation!

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