first quarter 2023

First Quarter 2023 Review

We’ve come to the end of the first quarter of 2023. I’ve been doing these recaps for several years by giving you a glimpse into my Kitlife Planner. That’s the place where I keep track of everything. In fact, it even has a quarterly check-in spot.  

Kitlife 2023

The main parts of my Kitlife Daily are…

  • The Big 3 – This helps me prioritize. What three things must I get done today?
  • Self-Care – This is a daily practice. Self-care is so much more than a spa day. It’s little things done daily that fill my cup. 
  • Gratitude – I write down three things each day that I’m grateful for. Some days they are big things but many days they’re the simple things.  
  • Activity – Place to track regular exercise. 
  • Meal Plan – Sometimes this serves as an area for me to note what I eat throughout the day, other times it’s what I plan for dinner. 

There’s also plenty of space for notes or journaling. I often jot down my social media posting schedule here as well as notes from my Bible study or a quote I want to remember.

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I’ve been using a Kitlife Planner since 2018. It’s the best planner ever! 

So how did January, February, and March go?

The Highlights

I published a new devotional! 50 Days of Faith and Fitness: A Walk Through Psalms is now available on Amazon and locally at Three Sisters Books & Gifts.

I changed Faith and Fitness Membership Community to Faith and Fitness Support and Accountability Community. The name change better describes what it is. It’s still a month-to-month membership that you can join and stay in for one month or for as long as you need the support and accountability. You will find encouragement, support, and motivation to honor God by honoring your unique body. You’ll implement the Faith and Fitness Framework™ so that you can live fit and free.  

Instead of jumping on the diet bandwagon in January, we focus on weighing what really matters: our words. Weigh Your Words Challenge helped many women step away from the scales and focus on how she speaks to herself. 

I better defined my word of the year and it became a phrase. I started with the word Confidence. I’ve come a long way in gaining confidence once God set me free from body image and weight loss worries. Since I turned 50 in 2022, I simply feel as if God wants me to “keep stepping into my authentic self.” So confidence has evolved to Live Confidently Authentic. Not only is this the year for me to continue that journey of confidently becoming who God created me to be but also help other women build their confidence in Christ. My key verse: Jeremiah 17:7 (NIV)But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him.

Some self-care I practiced

  • Oat milk latte
  • Bought new Jillfit strength training program
  • Painted my fingernails
  • Cleaned and organized the house
  • Dinner out
  • Went on vacation
  • Turned off my phone
  • Threw out some food that I didn’t want around
  • Fresh air
  • Morning routine
  • Afternoon timeout 

Found on my gratitude list

  • Warm temperatures
  • Football
  • Vacation with the boys
  • Good sleep
  • Bike ride
  • Sunshine
  • Texts with my boys
  • Phone call with my Dad
  • Coffee with my mom
  • Warm home
  • Visit with a friend
  • Coffee
  • My new book and the women involved in it


Yoga every day. Some days it’s ten minutes, other days I might do 20-30 minutes. I just need to get on the mat and wake up my mind and my body each morning. It’s one of the very first things I do. 

I run most days of the week and strength train about four times each week. 

For strength training I did #Lean60. This was Jill Coleman’s new program this year. I followed and modified as necessary. I have all of her programs and mix and match so that I get in some challenging strength work four days a week. Most sessions are about 20 minutes. 

Took my bike in for service so it’s ready for spring riding. I did go on a road ride in January, February, and March. 

How I used meal plan section

I often use this section to jot down what I eat throughout the day. No calorie counting or anything. It’s simply a way for me to practice mindfulness and awareness. It also helps me troubleshoot if I have biofeedback that indicates something I ate didn’t settle or satisfy the way I wanted it to. 

Daily I practice #Moderation365, the nutritional model I coach to other women as well.


The Importance of Prayer

He Sees, He Knows, He Cares – study of the book of Luke

Unglued Devotional, 40 Days of Faith and Fitness, Rediscover Jesus – Did each of these with my Faith and Fitness Support and Accountability Community.

I’ve also started making notes in my planner of things that stand out to me during my daily quiet time. I got away from this habit, so I re-committed during Lent. Doing this has me being more present during my Bible study and aware throughout the day of something the Lord might want to speak to me or teach me. 

What’s next?

Drink more water challenge – This will happen in my free Facebook group in April.

Not Made to be Alone study – We’ll do this study in my Faith and Fitness Support and Accountability Community.

Mile a Day challenge – This yearly challenge is changing a little this year. There will be a free preview in my free Facebook group. But for those who want to establish consistency and take the challenge through the summer, they will need to invest in the Support and Accountability Community. 

Ethan turns 20, finishes sophomore year of college, and embarks on a summer internship. Mom will need extra support once again during a new phase of letting go! 

#Moderation365 coaching programs available. Individual or group. Six or ten weeks. 

Cheers to second quarter of 2023!

My inbox is always open to you. Feel free to reach out: I want to support you and cheer you on for the coming year! 

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