God made you to be amazing!

He had a plan and a purpose in mind when He created you.

40 Days of Faith and Fitness for Tweens and Teens

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Faith and Fitness for Tweens

Why a devotional for tweens and teens?

Growing up isn’t easy. When I was very young, I worried a lot.  I was shy and awkward. I worried about being liked at school.  I worried about how much I weighed and how my hair looked. I was concerned about my grades in school.  I wanted to know what God’s will was for me and what exactly He wanted me to do with my life. I feared that I might get something wrong.  So many concerns on my mind at an early age. Unfortunately, I let those worries take up a lot of my time and allowed them to keep me from living an enjoyable life, especially when I was young.

If my story can save one young woman from crying those tears and missing out on parts of her life because of insecurities, then it has served its purpose.

What to expect:

This faith and fitness devotional addresses some of the worries and fears that cloud the minds of tween and teen girls.  Each day includes a scripture, devotional content, prayer, and an action step.  Following the action step, you’ll find a journal page.  This is for you to use however you wish, or not at all.  

For those familiar with my first devotional 40 Days of Faith and Fitness, this book follows the same format.  The daily verses are the same in both books.  It’s set up that way so mother and daughter, grandmother and granddaughter, or another woman and young girl can go through the devotionals together yet read content appropriate for each age and stage of life.

From Danielle, 13 years old: “This is by far my favorite devotional because it doesn’t make me feel like a little kid. Marsha talks about things all girls go through and gives me things to do and think about.”

My heart for you

My prayer for every girl who reads this book will know that she has been fearfully and wonderfully made and loved just as she is.  I pray that she will see herself as Christ sees her, and as a result, will live to honor Him in all that she does which includes caring for her body, because she is  a temple of His Holy Spirit.  

How can you get your copy of 40 Days of Faith and Fitness for Tweens and Teens?

Available on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle.

Available in Shelbyville, Indiana at Three Sisters Books & Gifts and The Pink Poppy Boutique.

Special thank you to my proofreader Teresa L. Clark, The Wordsmith VA She generously shared her time and talent to help me make this book better.