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The Importance of Exercise for a Sustainable Healthy Lifestyle

Exercise. According to dictionary.com: bodily exertion. Movement. Plain and simple. You gotta move.  

Today we’re looking at the third of 4 pillars of a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Exercise.

If you know me at all or read the about me page on the blog, you’ll soon learn that I’m a cardio junkie. I love to run and bike. I also lift (because I know it’s good for me) and yoga (also because I know it’s good for me!).

But exercise for a sustainable healthy lifestyle doesn’t require running and biking and lifting and yoga. It doesn’t require an hour at the gym 6-7 days a week.

Exercise for a sustainable healthy lifestyle must be regular movement that you like to do. And regular movement that can fit into your schedule.

First, let’s understand why is it important to exercise?

It’s a great stress reliever.

It improves your confidence.  

You’ll sleep better.

It actually gives you more energy.  

Weight loss.

It’s good for your heart.  

Exercise for a sustainable healthy lifestyle must be regular movement that you like to do. #likehowyoumove Click To Tweet

Because if you think you need to start running to get fit, but you hate running, you’ll never stick with it. And if you start working out an hour a day every day of the week but you have kids in activities and a job that requires 40+ hours a week, you won’t stick with that workout.  

I ran a 6 mile race on Saturday and a 5K race on Sunday this weekend. I don’t often do 2 races in a weekend, but I did this time because I forgot I had signed up for one of them. Oops! I had to take it easy on both because I’ve had a bit of an injury I didn’t want to aggravate.

But doing 2 races, or even one in a weekend, may not excite you in the least. And that’s okay. But let’s find out what does.

Do you like to dance? Maybe try Zumba or just turn on the music at home and have a dance party for one!

Do you like to walk? Walking is a FANTASTIC way to exercise.  

Do you like to lift heavy things? Lifting is so good for bone health and metabolism.  

Do you want to focus more on stretching and maybe de-stressing? Try yoga.

Do you need variety in your life? Then pick a few things to do.  

It doesn't require an hour a day everyday. Just get moving. #movemore Click To Tweet

The key to this is doing something. Move. Get outside and get some fresh air. Start with a walk around the block. Grab a friend and go try a new class. I think you’ll find you enjoy it and you feel better when you do it.  

And then, how much time do you have? Do you have 10 or 15 minutes? Then you have time to fit in some exercise. It doesn’t take an hour everyday.

Here’s an idea to get you started:

Take 5 minutes and do this 5 minute Pre-Shower Workout

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    1. I’m sorry you’re dealing with this Wendy. I know your fitness foundation has to put you in a good spot stay ahead of this thing! Everything you’ve gained from running, not just physical fitness, but the mental toughness as well, will be on your side!

  1. Since I started living a healthier lifestyle a few years ago, I feel so much better. My goal this year is keep enjoying running injury free.

    1. To run injury free….my dream! lol! I have arthritis in my knees but that has calmed down. It just seems like as soon as I go into race mode or speed workout, something happens and I have a twinge here or a pain there. But I’m not giving up! Here’s to an injury free year 🙂

  2. My whole outlook on life, let alone how I feel is far better than it was 10 even 20 years ago since I found exercise and running.
    It’s bet best pill in the world for me and I sure hope I can inspire others to look at me and say “If she can do it, so can I”.
    Thanks Marsha for this and keep motivating us all!

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