Sunday devotion

Every Day ~ Sunday Devotion

Every day I will praise you and extol your name for ever and ever. Psalm 145:2 (NIV)

What are some things that you do every day? 

Hopefully you practice personal hygiene. I’m going to assume that you also eat and drink every day. I imagine you have your own routine that includes general actions for daily living as well as those things specific to you that make your day the kind of day you enjoy. For instance, I enjoy my early mornings of quiet time followed by a dose of fresh air and movement of some kind. It’s what I need every morning to get going. 

Praise the Lord every day. He's deserving. And it'll change your attitude. #PraiseTheLord Share on X

No matter what your personal daily agenda is, does it include praise to the Lord? God is good. He’s been good to me, and because I know that He is a good God, I believe He’s been good to you too. Are you praising Him today? Do you praise Him regularly? You can start today! 

Action Step: Praise the Lord today! Then make it part of every day this week. Notice how it changes your attitude. 

Happy Sunday!

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