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Eat and Enjoy: Why It’s Okay to Have That Soda or Those Chips

“Food doesn’t exist simply to sustain our bodies. It also exists to sustain our souls and bring us pleasure.” ~ Mark Remy 

It’s okay to eat food and enjoy it. It’s okay to choose foods, because they taste good. It’s okay to eat something with no nutritional value.  

I think too often we get it in our heads that food is the enemy and that if it tastes good it must not be good for us. We punish ourselves by eating tiny portions or eating only grilled chicken and veggies.  

Yes, we need to fill our bodies with mostly healthy foods, and we can make healthy foods taste good.  And healthy food does taste good. But, it’s okay to eat something without considering its nutritional value.  

I read this quote and an article by Mark Remy a few years ago, and as I sat to write this blog about how I feel about this topic, I decided  I can’t say it any better than he does. So I encourage you to read the column yourself.  I don’t want to end up quoting his entire article here.

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There’s just something about carbonation after a long hot workout. I know many times during training after a long ride or run the only thing that quenches my thirst is a soda or beer!    

My husband and I rarely go to a movie. But when we do, we’ll get popcorn. There’s just something about sharing popcorn and watching a movie.  

It really is okay to simply enjoy an occasion and whatever it brings with it, even if it is soda and chips.  

For most of us, these occasions don’t happen every day. We can’t stop living and enjoying life in the name of health and fitness. In fact, I would argue that part of healthy living is enjoying little pleasures here and there whatever your pleasure may be.  

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    1. Bbq chips have never been something I like. I prefer the plain kettle baked chips. When I go to a restaurant and they have their own chips, I have to get some! 🙂 My husband is a bbq chip guy.

  1. I am a huge believer in not depriving yourself. I know that if I do I end up going on the deep end. It is easier for me to just allow it now and then and enjoy.

    1. Yep! Sounds like you have this in check Abby. And like you say, when you do have it, you can truly enjoy it.

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