Sunday devotional

Don’t Fall For It! ~ Sunday Devotional

They’re sneaky.  They even think they’re being helpful, even protecting you from yourself. 

Who are they?  What are they?  

The messages, and the people behind the messages, that trick you into believing you need to adjust your looks, lose some weight, eat a certain way to look good, feel good, and become the best you.  

“The fear of man brings a snare, But whoever trusts in the Lord shall be safe.”  Proverbs 29:25 (NKJV)

There’s no lack of messaging that attempts to convince us then sell us on a better version of ourselves.  

It’s all disguised to make you think you’re not good enough how you are.  You’re tricked into thinking that you must do something special to make you special.  

That’s what happens when we get our eyes away from Jesus and the truth in His Word.  

We seek acceptance and compliments from those around us.  

We want to fit in and feel as pretty as we see her.  (Side note:  There’s no way to know how she sees herself. As Lysa TerKeurst says in her book Made to Crave:  “all God’s girls have issues.”) 

The only way to stay safe from these traps is to focus on Jesus.  

We have to arm ourselves with His truth so that we don’t fall into the traps that are set all around us. 

Trusting in Jesus, hiding His Word in our hearts, and believing what He says about us is our safety net.    

The snares are everywhere.  Stay close to Jesus. 

Happy Sunday!

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