my journey to ditching the scale

My Journey to Ditching the Scale – Faith and Fitness

Over a week ago, I had the opportunity to be a guest on my friend Glenneth’s blog.  I have been following Glenneth for quite some time.   I love her approach to health and fitness that includes NO SCALE!  In fact in one post, she wrote how she even refused to weigh in at the doctor’s office.  Really?!?!  Can you actually do that??  Yes you can.  I know it not only because Glenneth shared how she did it, but because I followed her lead and began refusing the doctor’s scale as well!  

So when Glenneth gave me the opportunity to write a post, I was thrilled to be on her blog and share my journey of ditching the scale.  

I had a love/hate relationship with the scale my entire life.  I started stepping on the scale at an early age.  Before ditching the scale, Friday was weigh in day for me.  I began getting anxious about it Thursday night…if not before!

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My Journey to Ditching the Scale

Every now and then Fridays remind me of where I once was and the freedom that I now experience.

Let me explain. When I had a scale (it’s been over a year now that I threw it away!), I would weigh in on Friday morning. EVERY FRIDAY MORNING my heart would pound a little harder as I went to take my shower after a workout and prepared to step on the scale.

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If you struggle with the scale and live a life defined by a number but you want to find freedom, please reach out to me.  I’d love to walk with you on your journey to ditching the scale.  Join my free Facebook group today and let’s get connected!

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