Let’s Head to the Kitchen: Time for a Cookbook Roundup

October is National Cookbook Month!

I love all kinds of cookbooks.  I love ones with healthy recipes and those with fully indulgent recipes.  And what about the pictures?  I especially like cookbooks that have pictures so I have a clue what I’m trying to make.  

Now, I don’t claim to be a fabulous cook.  In fact, I’m pretty plain when it comes to my tastes.  I am happy eating the same thing most of the time, but my family not so much.  Still I don’t do a great job with variety and flavor.  

To be honest, I mostly love sweets and treats.  I love to bake cookies and bars and breads and muffins.  Breakfast foods and desserts would be my preference but I can’t live on those alone!  And even though my approach to healthy living is not about restriction and lists of what to eat and not to eat, knowing that I have a sweet tooth, I like to have healthier options when it comes to dessert.  Sometimes I’ll indulge in a few bites (or even a full portion) of the real thing, but other times I prefer limiting the sugar and unnecessary stuff.  

It's time for a cookbook roundup. Check out some of my favorites. #cookbook #recipes Share on X

Like I said, I’m no cook.  I’m not a registered dietician or nutritionist.  I don’t prescribe meal plans or anything like that, but I do enjoy browsing cookbooks and various recipes.  And so in honor of National Cookbook Month, I gathered a list of some highly recommended cookbooks from my friends.  Some you can grab for free; others you’ll need to purchase if you’re interested.  Some of the cookbooks are full of healthy options while others aren’t advertised as such.  

Please note:  This post contains affiliate links.  That doesn’t affect you at all.  If you purchase I may get a few cents that I can apply toward keeping my blog up and going.  

Tiny Little Chef – digital cookbook, over 200 recipes

Good Witch Kitchen – Energy Boosting Meal Plan

Recipes for a Brand New Me – 21 clean eating recipes in this ebook

Not Your Grandma’s Cookbook

Paula Deen Cuts the Fat

Grandma’s German Cookbook – Had to include this as it comes recommended from a special friend

Check out this list of cookbooks! Just in time for the holidays. Share on X


The New Basics

100 Days of Real Food

Skinny Taste has multiple cookbooks and come highly recommended by multiple friends.

Weight Watchers also has multiple cookbooks and have many tasty and easy recipes.

Sweets in the Raw:  Naturally Healthy Desserts sounds like something I need to check out fast!

Hungry Girl is one of my favorite gals to follow, and she has several great cookbooks.  Her most  recent is Clean & Hungry Obsessed.  Lots of good recipes.  All of her recipes use ingredients you are likely to have in your pantry.  And they are always tasty.  

Dashing Dish – great cookbook as well as a website full of recipes and inspiration.

Clean Sweets – The Big Man’s World website and cookbook is full of great recipes plus mouth watering photos.  

Chocolate Covered Katie

Simply Sugar Free – I recently purchased this book.  I enjoy her blog and listened to a recent podcast interview and really connected with her. Looking forward to using this cookbook soon.

Betty Crocker  and Better Homes and Gardens  are classics that have to be on the list!  Who still has one of these around from way back when??

Generations of Love and Food Cookbook – This is a lovely cookbook by  Meme and her grandmother.  Every recipe includes a picture.

Wow!  What a list.  I imagine you can find something there you’d like to check out.  Many of these books are connected to websites where you can find lots of free recipes and just pin them for future reference.  

Happy Cooking and Baking!  

Cookbooks also make great gifts, so you may want to grab one for a friend.  The holidays are just around the corner!

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