If you’ve landed here, there’s a reason!  Please let me know you were here and how I can help.
Email me at marsha@marshaapsley.com  with questions or prayer requests.  I’ll be sure to respond!

Other places you can find me:

Faith and Fitness Sisterhood – My free private Facebook group.  It’s a safe place for women to gain support and accountability on their faith and fitness journey.   You’ll find daily encouragement, regular challenges, weekly live prayer time, weekly prayer and praise thread, tips to support and guide your healthy lifestyle.  Come join us!

Instagram is where I post faith and fitness inspiration that includes scripture, workouts, healthy living, and family.

On Facebook I share a little bit of everything here including links to blog posts, a weekly scripture verse, do Facebook lives that include devotional content.

Weekly email – I send out an email every Tuesday.  It’s my exclusive content to those who want a bit more insight and inspiration.  You’ll also find out about challenges, blog posts, and anything new on the horizon.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you!





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