Sunday devotional

Confidence ~ Sunday Devotional

“But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him.” Jeremiah 17:7 (NIV)

Confidence comes when we know not only who we are but also whose we are. defines confidence as belief in oneself.  But we are nothing without Christ. Therefore, we only gain true and lasting confidence when we first trust in the Lord.  

When we find ourselves suffering from lack of confidence, we must ask ourselves where our trust is.  

Are you relying on your looks or your level of success to make you feel confident? Do you think losing a few pounds or gaining a new position at work will grow your confidence? Are you looking to a person or a relationship to give you confidence?

Our relationship with the Lord is the only steady and reliable thing that we have. Our confidence starts there. Because of Him, we can have assurance that we are enough. Because His Word says it, we can believe that we were created in His image.  

That makes you and me special. 

And when we believe that we are enough and that we are special, then our confidence grows. 

“How to build self-confidence” is widely searched on the worldwide web.  

Anything you build must be set on a firm foundation. And the only firm foundation I know is the Lord. 

Confidence comes from putting our trust in the Lord. That’s the first step. Then we must commit to daily trusting Him and believing what He says about us.  

If you’re lacking confidence, ask yourself where you’re placing your trust. Placing it in anything but the Lord will leave you lacking and unsure.  

Turn to His Word today and start building your firm foundation. Use positive statements: I am enough. God loves me just the way I am. I am valuable. I have been created in the image of God.  

Do you want to build confidence? Put your trust in Jesus.

Happy Sunday! 

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