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What Are You Chasing? ~ Sunday Devotion

Those who work their land will have abundant food, but those who chase fantasies will have their fill of poverty. Proverbs 28:19 (NIV)

I spent years chasing a smaller body. As a result, I never felt confident in how God made me and who He created me to be. I thought I needed to prove that I could catch someone’s eye and be popular by how I looked. It left me feeling empty. I’d follow a diet hoping to get the promised results, but they never happened. I stayed in a cycle of defeat because I was chasing something that was out of reach and meaningless.

I wanted popularity, a thin body, and love from a man believing the fantasy that those things would lead to a more confident me. From my distorted viewpoint, it appeared to work for others. I did all the diets and bought all the supplements that promised me a flat belly. However, gaining the attention of my peers or of a man or having a flat belly would never result in lasting confidence. What I needed was to rest in God’s love and chase the truth of what He said about me.

Slow down for a moment and ask yourself what you're chasing. If it's not more of God then it's time to change course. Share on X

If you’re feeling lost and tired, it’s likely because the things you’re chasing aren’t in alignment with God’s best for you. Your spirit is suffering. If you’ll choose to chase the Lord, His Word, and things from above, you will gain all that He has for you.

When I stopped chasing the fantasy of a body other than the one God entrusted to me, I gained peace and confidence that goes beyond my outward appearance. You, too, can have an abundant life right now. It’s time to embrace your current age and stage of life. It’s much better than any fantasy you might be tempted to chase.

Action Step: What are you chasing? Slow down for a moment and ask yourself that question. If it’s not more of God then it’s time to change course and pursue something that will lead to an abundant life.

Happy Sunday!

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