Sunday devotional

Cannot Be Shaken ~ Sunday Devotion

Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion, which cannot be shaken but endures forever. Psalm 125:1 (NIV)

Brace yourself. The ads are coming. They’ll be trying to convince you that weight loss is the answer to becoming your best self. They’re going to tell you that this is the year you can finally lose weight and keep it off with their magic pill or plan. Diet culture will come at you from every angle to make you feel less than until you buy their product. They’ll even convince your friends and family who will try to convince you that you need to join them on the latest weight loss challenge. 

If you’re building your healthy life on a foundation of faith, you won’t be shaken. 

Something that I learned 10 years ago, and still live and believe, is that I can trust the Lord with my weight. 

I trusted the Lord with my life at a young age, but it took until I was nearly 40 before I trusted Him with my body. Until then, I was shaken every year at this time. I spent money and bought the latest and greatest promise for weight loss whether it was a pill, a shake, a diet plan, a guide book, or a combination of them all.

It’s time to build your firm foundation. Trust the Lord with all areas of your life, even your health and fitness. The best feeling is for the new year to come around and feel confident in my body and my approach to my health and fitness. I’m no longer distracted and guilted into buying or trying something new to help me lose weight.

You can face the new year confidently too. You can trust the Lord with your weight and not sway when diet trends coming along. How do you do that? Eyes on Jesus. Eyes on your own paper. 

God created you in a unique and special way. His Word is your manual for life, and it contains guidance for how to care for your body. When you start to see yourself that way that He does, you’ll embrace the way that He created you and learn to honor that. 

This is your year to stand firm and trust in the Lord. He will never fail you!

Happy Sunday and cheers to living the life God designed for you and only you in 2022! 

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