Sunday Devotions 2023

Built on the Rock ~ Sunday Devotion

Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. Matthew 7:24 (NIV)

How’s your foundation? Have you built a life, your entire life, on rock, on the Rock? 

When I first built my life, most of it was on the Rock, but not all of it. Picture a nice sturdy house but with a garage falling down beside it. I had entrusted most of my life, my property, to the Lord, but not all of it. My house was built on the Rock, but my health and fitness was the falling down garage. I tried to do that part of life on my own. I built that area on false promises made by diets, gimmicks, and quick fixes – things that don’t stand the test of time. 

Hearing God’s Word and putting it into practice results in a firm foundation. It’s a two-step process. If you plan to build a house, you must first pour the foundation before you start laying the bricks. 

I heard God’s Word and applied it to most areas of my life, but I struggled to do that in the area of weight loss worries and body insecurities. When it came to my fitness, I went straight to the pile of bricks. I drank a gallon of water. Joined a gym. Counted macros. Took supplements. Logged my food. I skipped building the foundation of faith

Getting results does take action. But getting in a hurry won’t give you results that will last. Build your fitness on the rock, a firm foundation of faith. Share on X

When you build a structure, the foundation is often a slab of concrete. It’s not very pretty. Oftentimes, you don’t even see it, but it’s what makes the structure stand the test of time. What gets the attention and is seen are the bricks – the color, texture, size. It’s easy for us to get distracted by diets and the false promises they make. It’s easy to want to start taking action. To jump to the pile of bricks. 

Getting results does take action. But getting in a hurry won’t give you results that will last. Sure, something small might stand without a good foundation, but the longer you build, the higher it goes, eventually it will come tumbling down if you don’t start with a firm foundation. 

A fit life built on the Rock will last. You must lay a foundation of faith before you start working on your fitness. Go to God’s Word for truth and guidance. You will find the truth of who you are and Whose you are within the pages of Scripture. Then, you can begin to put into place the guidance you find on those same pages – how to honor God by honoring your unique body. 

Action Step: Inspect your foundation. Are there any cracks? Is there anything out of alignment? Will the life you’re building stand the test of time? Have you built on the Rock? If not, start by laying the proper foundation today. 

Happy Sunday! 

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