beauty from ashes

Beauty Will Rise: Watch For It! Something is About to Happen

We see beauty in a sunrise.  We see beauty in our child’s smile.  When we go outside, there is beauty all around us…..and sometimes in the least likely of places.

On a morning ride (back in September 2016 when this post was first published), I biked by this “yard display.”  I shook my head and chuckled to myself.  But as I continued to ride, I couldn’t shake the image.  So much so that I went back and snapped a picture because there was a message in that toilet for me.  And maybe for you too.

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We all have unpleasant things happen in our lives.  I think of the “crap” (sorry!) that we deal with in life.  The “stuff.”  My frustration over not running all summer long.  The uncertainty in our country with the upcoming election.  We just spent the weekend remembering 9/11.  The day our world changed forever.  We know of children battling cancer.   Friends have lost loved ones unexpectedly.  The list could continue.  

I’ve had crappy days and crappy seasons in my life…..

As a young girl, too young to have been concerned over it, I cried so many tears over numbers on the scale and over my insecurities.  I never thought I’d feel pretty or that I’d feel loved.  Often left wondering why I had to feel that way.  I certainly didn’t know then that those tears could be used for good.  That they WOULD be used for good. 

When I was growing up, our family struggled to make ends meet.   My dad was laid off for over a year.  As a result, we stood in line to get food stamps and to get the free block of cheese (maybe you know what I’m talking about?).  I went through the grocery store with my mom carrying a calculator to make sure we had the money to cover the grocery bill at the end of the shopping trip.  At the time, I didn’t know this experience would help me appreciate what I have.  I learned to be a good steward of my finances by watching my parents make things stretch and do their best in those circumstances.  

I got married when I was 22 years old.  Sure didn’t think it would ever happen, so I jumped at the first guy who showed me attention.  He was a good guy from a good family, but we were young.  Consequently, we struggled.  Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to our 5 year anniversary.  I felt like I had failed and sealed my fate to be alone forever.  I didn’t know that those times would lead me to more reliance on my Savior and learning that His love is all that matters.  

Struggling? Wonder if anything good can come of this situation? Have faith. Share on X

I don’t share any of that for you to feel sorry for me but so that you see that things happen.  Stuff happens.  I am who I am, because of those times in my life.  Not only did God use my struggles with weight and self image to be able to help women live fit and free but He also used that to show me that He is all I need and that I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  He blessed me with a second chance at marriage and the privilege of motherhood.  He provides for my needs.

Maybe you’re in a messy spot in your life. Maybe you’re struggling and feeling alone.  Perhaps you think nothing good can come of your current situation.  You feel like you’ve drifted from your faith.  Maybe there are family struggles, financial strains, broken relationships.  

I don’t know what your struggles are.  I’m not sure what you’re battling.  It may be a quiet struggle going on inside that no one knows.  Or you may be suffering through a hard time but you have your friends and family rallied around you for support.  

Whatever it is, I know beauty can come out of it. In fact, it’s the only hope I have in these “crappy” and messy times.  I have to have hope and believe that there will be relief and beautiful things to come.

Some things you can do today in the waiting…..

  • Keep a journal.  Share your heart.  Write down your feelings.  Be sure to include something you’re grateful for.  It will help your perspective.
  • Get outside.  Enjoy the beauty around you.  Move.  Feel the wind on your face.  Breathe in fresh air.  It will show you new life happens.
  • Talk to a friend.  Let them support you and pray with you.  It will make the burden lighter.

Who knew there could be wisdom in a toilet with blooming flowers???  

Or maybe it was just enough to make you smile?   

In the book of Isaiah we read that God will give beauty for ashes.  (Isaiah 61:3)

Have faith. Something beautiful is about to blossom!

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  1. We have a question in our documentation at work that we are supposed to ask–about food insecurity. So many of the kids I see are overweight–obese. Things have changed, haven’t they?

  2. I totally agree that beautiful things can stem from really “crappy” situations. It’s all in how we choose to see things. The silver lining is always there.

  3. I think remembering even on the hard days to have eyes that can SEE THE BEAUTY is the challenging part…those hard days when you still find the beauty those are the days that define us!

    *love that toilet 😉

    1. Thanks Sarah! Yes, seeing beauty on the hard days….thus the daily gratitude journal! So helpful with perspective and to find daily beauty in life.

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