Sunday devotional

Be The Good ~ Sunday Devotional

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. Romans 12:21 (NKJV)

What is evil?

Some words found to define it: destructive, harmful, detrimental. 

Evil doesn’t surround us dressed in red with pitchforks in hand. Sometimes it’s hard to identify. In fact, it can be subtle and come disguised as something seemingly good. Take the health and wellness industry. 

Diets. The push to lose weight so you’ll look better and feel better. That message is harmful. You look good now. You don’t have to lose weight to feel better. Diets are detrimental to overall health and well-being. Diets take your money and your power. They destroy your sense of confidence and trust in your own body, the body God specifically created for you. They are detrimental to the mental health of young girls and women alike. 

But we, you, can overcome this evil, this destructive message. 

First, stop buying into it. End the diet. Stop believing the message. Quit searching the internet for ways to lose weight and get rid of belly bloat. (Those used to be my top searches!)

Next, do things differently. Invite God into your journey. Ask for His guidance in the care of your body. Commit to the Lord. Use my Faith and Fitness Framework™ to help you build your healthy life on a foundation of faith. 

Finally, live the difference. Set an example. Show young girls that there’s a different way, a better way. Walk confidently as the fearfully and wonderfully-made woman God created you to be.

I’m overcoming the destructive message of dieting by helping women realize that they can live a healthy life without going on a diet. They, you, can feel good right now in the body you have at this age and stage of life. 

In a world where it seems evil waits at every corner, be the good. 

The Light in you can brighten the darkness.

Happy Sunday!

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