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The Lord Will Fight Your Battle ~ Sunday Devotion

The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still. Exodus 14:14 (NIV)

Battles. We all have them. Often, it’s that one thing we want to overcome.   

My battle was my weight, or so I thought.  

I felt like I had to engage in the struggle to lose weight and look better. I felt fat. (Fat, by the way, isn’t a feeling but we’ll save that for another day!) I was uncomfortable in my skin.  

If only I could win this battle with my body and force it into submission to lose weight then everything would be fine. Then, and only then, I could go on with the rest of my life.  

But after years and years of the struggle, I realized that the battle was in my mind, not with my body. And, the battle wasn’t even mine to fight. It was one that the Lord would fight, if I would simply let Him. 

Are you weary from the battle you’ve been fighting? It’s time to be still and allow the Lord to fight for you. Trust Him. Share on X

This battle began in my mind. It was a battle with my thoughts and feelings and how I viewed myself. Clearly, I didn’t view myself through the lens of God’s Word.  

I was fighting this battle with diets, gimmicks, and quick fixes. Spending excessive amounts of money and time on this winless struggle. All while the Lord wanted me to be still. He wanted me to accept His love for me and allow Him to fight the negative thoughts and feelings that the enemy was putting in my head. The thoughts that I, then, chose to focus on.   

Can you relate?  Are you fighting a battle that the Lord is asking you to surrender to Him?  

If it’s with your body and self-image, know that God has entrusted this body to you. It’s a gift.  Your body isn’t something you should be fighting with. Embrace it, and care for it in a way that honors how your Creator made you. Then be still and allow Him to transform your mind and your thoughts towards your body. It’s time to make peace. 

Action Step: Are you weary from the battle you’ve been fighting? Maybe it’s time to be still and allow the Lord to fight for you. You can trust Him. 

Happy Sunday!

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