Sunday devotional

At Your Side ~ Sunday Devotional

“…for the Lord will be at your side and will keep your foot from being snared.” Proverbs 3:26 (NIV)

The words “at your side,” refers to confidence or assurance.  And “snared” means trapped or entangled. 

Because this space is dedicated to helping you break free from dieting and start feeling better in your body now, I read scripture asking how we can apply it to our faith and fitness journey. 

We can easily become trapped in the pursuit of weight loss. 

How do I know that?  I was ensnared myself.  I’ve seen women tangled up in the cycle of dieting.  Not only does her body weight fluctuate but her mental health rides the waves as well.  

But when we have the Lord at our side, when we allow Him to be our confidence and our assurance, He will keep us out of the snares of diet culture.  

As with all things, however, we must invite the Lord to come alongside us on the journey.  He never pushes Himself on us.  We have a choice to make.  Although it seems so clear, the choice to let go and let God lead is often a tough one.  All too often, we have to get tangled up and fight with our own strength before we submit the fight to the Lord. 

I stayed trapped in the never-ending cycle of diet failure and lack of confidence until I stopped trying to fight it alone and let the Lord pull me out and walk with me.  

Once I did that, He restored my confidence.  My confidence no longer rests on me and what I look like but on Him and how much He loves me just as I am. 

The Lord will be at your side, He will give you confidence, and He will keep you from getting trapped in a cycle of defeat if you’ll only allow Him.  

What are you struggling with?  Do you feel trapped?  Has something lured you in to the point that you don’t know your way out?  

The Lord is ready to take your hand and pull you out.  He wants to give you the assurance you need to move forward on a better path.  It’s time to walk with the Lord. 

Happy Sunday!

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