Marsha ApsleyHi, I’m Marsha

I know you’re here because faith and fitness are important to you.  I believe you’re ready to do fitness differently.  If you’re like me, you want to live a fit and healthy life without it becoming a bigger priority than it should in your life.

Some of my backstory:

I’ve struggled with weight and body image since I was a young girl. I remember following the Weight Watchers diet plan when I was in elementary.  I was eating lettuce with salt on it and cans of tuna. I’ve cried WAY too many tears over a number on a scale. And it wasn’t that I was overweight.   It was just a complex that began way too early, and one I’ve struggled with forever.  In college, I toyed with binging and purging both with exercise and with laxatives. I’ve done all kinds of diets, pills, etc.

Having been a Christ follower since I was a little girl, I have given Him this struggle, taken it back, given it to Him, taken it back, and so on!

It’s the one thing that I know draws me to Him on a daily basis, because I can’t do this alone.


Do you know the feeling?  Like you’re doing the right things but it’s just not working? Do you feel like it’s never enough?  Or if you reach one goal, there’s another waiting on the horizon? 

How I learned to combine faith and fitness:

When I turned 40, I read “Made to Crave”, and in it, the story of the Israelites is highlighted, and God told Moses “you have circled this mountain long enough, now turn north.” So at 40, I turned north!

This is not about a big transformation in my waistline but more importantly in my mind to be free to fully live the life Christ has for me.

I realized that my foundation of faith could be part of my fitness routine.  Actually, it had to be part of it.

Now I’m sharing what I’ve learned (and continue to learn) about faith and fitness.  I’m guiding and counseling other women to a fit and healthy lifestyle, both physically and spiritually.  I’m learning to appreciate the unique ME and the unique needs of MY body.

Now I can help other women learn what makes them unique and how they respond to exercise and nutrition then find the right plan for them. Together we can live a fit life built on a firm foundation of faith.

It’s about finding YOUR “fit” and being “free” to live it!

Check out my coaching services or feel free to email me at so we can decide what program is best for you!

Be sure to check out my free resources and come over to my Faith and Fitness Facebook group.  It’s a safe place to find encouragement and support on your faith and fitness journey.


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