You and I are fearfully and wonderfully made.

We read that in Psalm 139, but we don’t always look in the mirror and see a woman like that.

This book will help you embrace that truth and find freedom in living a fit and healthy life. On these pages, you will learn how to honor God by honoring your body. 

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A Year of Sundays

A Year of Sundays is a compilation of weekly devotions I’ve written since I published my first book 40 Days of Faith and Fitness. Each devotion includes an action step. This will be your focus for the week. Meditate on the verse throughout the week and take the suggested action. When you do this, you will build your fitness on a firm foundation of faith. The result will be you living a healthy life that is sustainable. You’ll never have to diet again! In fact, you won’t want to. You won’t even consider it because you’ll be busy living the life God has designed for you in the season you’re in.

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