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A Glimpse Into My Planner – What Happened in November

I got a new planner this year and so I started a series that I titled “A Glimpse Into My Planner.”
Each month* I’ve been giving you a glimpse of what’s been happening, because I now keep EVERYTHING in this planner since there is a space for EVERYTHING.

Just to recap:

Each day not only has lines for my to do list, it also has 3 sections that I love:  

  • The Big 3 – This helps me prioritize.  What 3 things MUST I get done today?
  • Wellness – Daily workouts.
  • Gratitude – 3 things for which I’m grateful on that given day.

I also make note of things the Lord shows me during my daily quiet time.  

This new planner has reduced my desk by 3 books, and I have it all in one place and I love it.  I also love going back through my month to see what worked, what didn’t, what I got done, what I still need to do and so on.

By the end of November, things were starting to settle down.  God was getting my attention and it was time for me to heed my own advice and start turning my holidays into holy days.  

But before I share more on that, let’s look at a couple of highlights from the month.

November Support and Accountability Group 

Leading accountability groups are one of my favorite things.  If you’ve never done one before, the concept is simple. It’s a closed Facebook group where we check in each day.  The goal of the group is to provide support and encouragement as we work towards goals we have set for the month. (Groups are usually 21-30 days in length.)  Just the act of checking in on a daily basis helps participants become more mindful about how they are caring for their bodies. Our goal is to honor God by honoring the unique body He has entrusted to us.  

Sold out of my new books at local stores 

My new book Turn Your Holidays into Holy-Days has been well-received both online and in my local community.  It’s encouraging when I get a message from a friend who says she went to the bookstore to buy 3 copies of my book, but they were out of stock.  I made a quick trip to the store to restock!

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  • Got my 5K back under 9:00 pace.
  • Got out on the bike for 62.5 miles
  • Unfortunately I have been having issues with my neck and back.  It hasn’t stopped me from working out, but I’ve had to modify during yoga class and some of my lifting sessions.  


  • It’s been cold and on several nights I’ve been thankful for a warm home
  • Understanding husband when I missed our property tax payment (oops!)
  • Attended a Colts game with church youth group
  • Our town had the annual Christmas parade and tree lighting
  • Shopping with nieces and eating rolled ice cream for first time (Have you ever tried it??)
  • Thanksgiving with family
  • Decorating for Christmas
  • Coffee dates with friends and clients


Began Marian consecration.  This is new for me and something I learned about at the Catholic church where I attend.  I’m following a 33 day devotional that has me learning more about the character of Mary and how I, too, must learn to surrender and submit to the Lord’s guidance in my life.  

Love God Greatly study.  I just started this Christmas study last Monday.   It’s called “Savior: The Promise Fulfilled.” I like these because they include 1-3 Bible passages, devotional content, and prayer each day.

Breathe by Priscilla Shirer.  Oh, did this ever come at the right time!  I feel as if I’ve gone down this rabbit hole of constant work.  It was no accident that I decided to do this Proverbs 31 Online Bible Study.  God is teaching me so much through this. The story of Moses and the Israelites has been one that I’ve learned much from along the way.  It was through that story that I found freedom on my healthy living journey. Through this study, I’m learning that just like the Israelites who had been freed but still had a  slavery mindset, I too tend to be a free person living with slave mentality. I might be living fit and free, but I’ve gotten caught in a cycle of doing and working and not taking breaks.  This study is all about learning to trust God and honor a Sabbath.

A new Bible study is teaching me that I need to take a break and breathe. #SabbathMargin Click To Tweet

What’s happening in December?

  • I’m committing to time to breathe in December. (See notes above on current Bible study.)  
  • I’ll be turning my own holidays into holy days.  
  • There will be a free devotional challenge in my Facebook group
  • Christmas!  The most wonderful time of the year!  

Wishing you a happy healthy holiday season and a very Merry Christmas!

*Click on the month to read that month’s recap

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