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8 Excuses Busted: Make One Change Today

No More Excuses! Easier said than done, right? I mean, I don’t always make excuses, I just don’t or can’t or won’t do said thing. Anybody with me?

But there are definitely times when our excuses feel very real. And honestly, they don’t feel like excuses. They are facts of our lives. They are real to us, and it’s hard to see a work around or another option. Healthy eating? I only have so much in my grocery budget. Work out? I only have so much time in a day. Rest? Have you seen my schedule? Quiet time? I pray when I’m falling asleep at night.  

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Today I’m going to take on a few excuses, or maybe even facts of life, and bust them with some practical tips to a fit and healthy lifestyle.  

1.  Not enough time

  • As it relates to working out – For some reason we think that we must work out 30, 60, 90 minutes for it to “count.” That just isn’t the case. Whether we do 10 minutes when we get up and 10 minutes at lunch or a 15-20 minute workout, something is better than nothing. A short walk around the block is something. Simply get up and move. 
  • As it relates to preparing healthy food – Do you have a crock pot? Do you have some time on the weekend or one evening a week when you can bake ahead some chicken and put it in the refrigerator? Put snacks in a baggie or small container so they’re ready to grab when you need one. You can freeze a variety of dishes and pull them out to fix for dinner. The key is to plan and prepare ahead of time.  

No time to work out and eat healthy? Plan and prepare ahead of time. Excuses busted! #tips Share on X

2.  Not athletic, can’t run, hate cardio – First of all, running isn’t the only exercise. While some people (me included!) love it, others hate it, and that’s okay. You don’t have to become a runner. You didn’t have to be an athlete in high school to be able to exercise now. There are so many workouts these days I’m confident you can find something you’d like to do. Do you like to dance? Try Zumba.  Do you like hardcore bootcamps? Try a kickboxing class. Bike. Walk. Lift weights.  Do yoga. I can help you find a workout that’s right for you!  

3.  Weather – My husband has been known to be a “seasonal” exerciser. I tease him about hibernating in the winter. I often say, “It’s not the weather it’s the clothes.” With the right clothes and gear, you can get out in any type of weather (for the most part. I know issues like asthma do make extreme conditions difficult. Listen to your body!).

4. Too expensive

  • As it relates to working out – It doesn’t cost anything to put shoes on and go out the door for a walk. But even if you want/need shoes and workout clothes, they can be found on sale all the time. You can purchase one DVD with several workouts for a small amount of money. There are several workouts on YouTube and Pinterest that are legitimate and easy to follow…and free!
  • As it relates to eating healthy – Places like Wal-Mart, Kroger, and Target know that people are interested in organic, gluten-free, and just all-around healthy foods these days. You can often find store brand for cheaper than name brand items. Places like Amazon and Vitacost offer great deals on healthier versions of items. Frozen produce or seasonal fresh produce are usually priced right.  

5.  My family doesn’t support me – This is often where it comes in handy to define your Why.  Get your family involved. Set the example. If you have to, when they’re eating chicken nuggets and fries for dinner, have a salad. Eat the protein and veggies while they go ahead and eat the starch. Choose smaller portions of whatever you have fixed for the whole family. Take the kids to the playground and walk laps while they swing and slide.

6.  Healthy food doesn’t taste good – There are so many healthy Pinterest boards to follow with easy recipes. One of my favorite websites is www.hungry-girl.com. She has some great ideas on how to make your favorite recipes healthy without losing the yummy taste. Seasonings are your friend. Be willing to experiment. Check out some ideas here.  

7.  I’m tired all the time – I know it seems backwards, but getting fresh air and movement will help your energy level and get those endorphins moving in your body. Even if it means getting up 10 minutes early to go for a walk. When you begin to replace sugary and starchy foods with fruits and vegetables and lean protein, you will notice improvement in your energy level.  

8.  God knows what’s in my heart – Yes, He does. But He still wants time with you. “Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10) Just take a minute to really notice His presence in your life. Write down 3 things for which  you are grateful. Be purposeful in this time. It will provide mental clarity.  

What’s next?

I know it’s not easy to bust these excuses on your own. Accountability is key. Support is critical, especially if you feel like you’re the only one in the house who wants to get healthy. I have an answer! My Faith and Fitness Support and Accountability Community is where you can implement healthy habits and get the support and encouragement you need to get consistent and start living fit and free.


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  1. Great post – people can make up so many excuses (trust me I do it too), but there are always ways around them.

  2. I need this today! I have fallen out of my routine and it’s amazing how many excuses I can make for myself.

    1. Thanks Laura! Summer can cause things to get crazy. I’m sure you’ll get back on track. Have a great weekend!

  3. Way to go on busting all the most common excuses out there! I know I’ve definitely felt/said the “I have no time” and “too tired” ones!

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