this is 50

This is 50!

{Written on September 20, 2022}

I remember when my dad turned 45. What I remember is that’s when I first thought of him as old. I am 50 today. What does that make me?? I guess my 20-something-year-old-self would say “really old.” But you know, I don’t feel old.

While I will always argue that fat is not a feeling (How many times have you said, “I feel fat”?), I think age is in part a feeling. It’s about mindset. Age is so much more than the number of times we’ve circled the sun.

For sure, things happen to our physical bodies over time. It’s the cycle of life. In fact, throughout 50 Days to 50 I’ve given the women in my Facebook group a weekly challenge to help them age well. We’ve worked on things like balance, strength, flexibility, memory, and focus. But still, so much of the aging process comes down to our mindset.

This is 50! I'm ready to embrace this age and stage of life. It's time for you to do the same! #InThisTogether Share on X

I’m 50 today, but I feel 25. Well, okay, maybe not quite 25 but I sure don’t feel like what I think 50 should feel like. So maybe that feeling is about what we perceived it to be 20 years prior to becoming that age? Hmmm….age is a state of mind? Is it a perception? Now it sounds like I’m talking in circles, so how about we learn to embrace our now? This year. This moment. This season.

Ultimately that’s what life is about – embracing this age and stage of life. Honoring the body and the life we have right now and doing the best we can with what God has entrusted to us.

If I’ve learned anything over the years it’s that being healthy and happy isn’t about a number on the scale. It’s about allowing God to set you free from weight loss worries and making peace with your body. Once you do that, you can implement healthy habits that honor and support not only your body but your mind and spirit too.

Today is Day 50 of 50 Days to 50. {At the time of this writing.} The women who signed up for A Walk Through the Psalms received their final devotion in their inbox this morning. (Now it’s time to put it all in a book.) The reason we took that walk together was to learn to embrace this age and stage of life. Among the dozens of women who traveled that road together were various ages, stages, and experiences. No matter their age, they took steps to renew their faith, their fitness, and their mindset. As a result, they’re going to enjoy time with their family, show up confidently in pictures, and embrace their now.

I’m ready to embrace this age and stage of life. Whatever age or stage of life you’re at, will you embrace it? Allow God to set you free from all that’s holding you back and confidently step into this season of your life. It can truly be your best life. That’s what I’m counting on!

As I reflect on my years to this point, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. For all that God has done in my life and the blessings He’s bestowed upon me. Thank you so much for being here. You are one of those blessings.

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