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My Favorite Things ~ 2020 Edition

One type of blog post that I love to read most is a post full of the writer’s favorite things.  I enjoy reading what people like and the things they can’t live without.  When they love it enough to share it with the world, they must think other people need to know about it too!  That’s how I feel when I share my favorite things.  I can’t live without them, and I don’t want you to live your life without them either!  

Grab your coffee, and maybe even a pen and paper, so you can start your own shopping list.  Please note that this list may include affiliate links but it in no way impacts you.  Also know that I only share things I regularly use and truly love.  

Let’s get at it.  The list is in no particular order.  They are all on the top of my list! 

Spiritual Life

Love God Greatly – These have become my go-to Bible studies.  They offer free studies throughout the year.  You can find them on their website, on the YouVersion app, and on their app.

40 Days of Faith and Fitness (and for Tweens and Teens) – I published the original devotional in 2017 and the Tweens and Teen version 2 years later.  I never tire of hearing from women who have read the book once, twice, even multiple times and have begun to see themselves the way God sees them.  

Turn Your Holidays into Holy-Days – This 31 day guide that I published in 2018 offers both healthy living tips and devotionals to help you relax and enjoy the holiday season. 

Proverbs 31 – This website has so many tools for spiritual growth – Bible studies, daily devotionals, book recommendations, gifts, etc.  I use the First 5 app on occasion.  

Settle My Soul – We are using this devotional in the Faith and Fitness Membership Community to wrap up 2020.

How I’m Keeping It All Together

Kitlife Planners – This is how I keep it all together.  I plan my days as well as log my daily workouts, priorities, self-care, food log and /or meal plan, and end my day documenting what I’m grateful for.  In the extra space, I keep notes and utilize it for a small journal.  It’s the only thing I need to plan and prioritize.  Next time you shop the store, use code marsha for $5 off your purchase.


Emma St. Clair – She is one of my favorite fictional authors.  Emma introduced me to sweet clean romances (aka:  Hallmark movies in book form!).  I’ve been part of her advanced readers team.  I think my feedback to her on each new book is something like “I think this is a new favorite!” ha!  She always delivers.  

Kindle Unlimited – My budget couldn’t survive without Kindle Unlimited.  Although I love paperback books for personal and spiritual growth (because I’m an underliner!), I enjoy quick, easy reads for pleasure.  I can breeze through a sweet clean romance in a matter of a few days.  Although these books are often .99, that would add up over the course of a month.  With KU, I can borrow as many books as I want in a month.  

Made to Crave Devotional – We used this in the Faith and Fitness Membership Community this year.  I’ve had the book for several years, and the content never gets old. So many good takeaways. 

Intuitive Eating – The fourth edition was just released this year. I’m reacquainting myself with the information.  It takes commitment to stay in tune with your body and the signals it gives us.  

Elite Minds – This is a recent professional development book, and I learned so much from it.  Our thinking truly has a major impact on how we live our lives, the chances we take, and the successes we have. 

All of my favorite things. If I don't love it, I won't share it. #favoritethings Share on X

Eating and Drinking

Kauai Coffee – Kauai is my favorite place on the earth.  And their coffee is one of my favorites.  I highly recommend the mocha macadamia nut.  Although I splash nutpods creamer into it, this coffee can be sipped without creamer at all.  The flavor is abundant.  

Copper Moon Coffee – I’m still a huge fan of Copper Moon but they’ve changed some of their coffee offerings and so I’m still adjusting to the new flavors and accepting that some of my favorites are no longer available.  

Total Tea – I have been drinking this detox tea for a few years.  It’s not detox in a negative way.  It’s a tea that naturally helps keep you regular, gives an injury boost, and simply tastes good.  I drink it every morning. 

Celestial Seasonings – Candy Cane Lane is part of my evening routine.  So much so that I take it with me on vacation.  I don’t miss a day.  It’s seasonal so the only way I can have it 365 days a year is to order in bulk from Amazon.  

Aunt B’s Sweet Treats – Elisha has made a mark with her sweet treats, especially her cakes and cupcakes.  She has become my go-to for times when I need a birthday cake or a treat for a special celebration. 

Eliot’s Peanut Butter – Peanut butter comes in close second behind chocolate as one of my favorite foods.  Ha! Hands down, Kroger brand natural peanut butter is my favorite.  But I stumbled upon this brand, and I can’t get enough of it.  My favorite is Honey Chipotle Peanut Butter.  

Grocery pick up and deliveryKroger and Green Bean Delivery – Even before COVID, I embraced grocery pick up and delivery. This makes my gratitude list weekly and has for a few years.  I don’t see that changing any time soon.  

No Cow Bars – I’ll admit that breakfast most days is a Vega shake or a  bar of some sort.  More often than not, it’s a No Cow Bar.  I love most of the flavors.  It has high protein and fiber content and no dairy.  

Nutpods – Nondairy, no added sugar creamer.  Order from their website with this link and get $5 off your first order.

Tiny Little Chef Seasonings – I add Inflammation Buster to my coffee every morning.  I also use the chili lime regularly.  So many good choices at a great price.  Plus you can get $5 off with this link.


Cardio is my favorite, but I’ve learned the benefits of strength training and yoga.  Still, I don’t like to spend a lot of time on either of those activities.  I’m thankful that the following provide me with quick and efficient workouts that allow me to get the physical (and mental!) benefits without spending a lot of time doing the activities.  

Jillfit – I’m currently doing Lean Building workouts, but I’ve cycled through many of her workout programs

Sublimely Fit – Beth has a great Yoga For Runners program.  

Yoga with Adriene – So many good flows to choose from and new ones added every week

From spiritual life to eating and drinking to what I'm using around the house, you can find all my #favoritethings right here. They just might become some of yours too! #cantlivewithoutit Share on X

What I’m Wearing

BAMR Bands – The only headband that stays in place while I’m running.  

Momentum Jewelry – I wear one (or more) most days.  These wraps have just the right motivational quotes for everything.  Show up for my challenges in my free Facebook Group.  I often give away one of these.   

Pura Vida Bracelets – I can’t even keep track of how many I have.  They come in all colors and some have cute charms on them.  Get 20% off by using code MARSHAAPSLEY20.  

Lipsense – I don’t like leaving lipstick on my cups and glasses.  Now that I use Lipsense, I don’t have to worry about that.

Younique – This is my makeup pick.  I don’t wear a lot of makeup but I have found that I like the quality of these products. 

Around the House

Molly’s Suds – I’ve been using this laundry detergent for a few years now. I use their Sport Suds for all of my smelly workout clothes.  They recently started adding bathroom and kitchen cleaners.  I use those as well.  

Branch Basics – This is new to me.  I recently started using these cleaning suppliesThis is new to me.  I recently started using these cleaning supplies because my friend Dana recommended them. No complaints.  Very affordable.      

Bass Farms –  Local company that I go to for all of my skin and hair products, everything from soap and lotion to face cleaner and shampoo.  I use the  linen spray for stinky clothes that I can’t wash right away.  The snuggle scent is the best for this. 

For Business

Glenneth Reed – All things SEO.  Glenneth is one of the most generous and helpful entrepreneurs I have ever met. 

Canva – I’m not artsy or creative but Canva helps me create post images for social media and for my website. 

Later – Free scheduling for Instagram.

Business with Impact Society – This is an affordable and helpful membership that supports me with my online business.  


First, a word about podcasts in general.  I have never been a fan of talk radio, and I view podcasts as talk radio.  My requirement for a podcast is that it needs to be on point with the topic, helpful, and brief.  If I see that a podcast goes over 30 minutes (I actually prefer around 20 minutes), I don’t even listen.  The ones I’m sharing always have helpful information and stick to around 30 minutes or less. 

Build Your Tribe – Brock and Chalene Johnson always bring it with tips and tools to grow your business. 

Rachel McMichaelBusiness with Impact – For growing your business

The Fr. Mike Schmitz Catholic Podcast – These episodes are often 10 minutes or less but always bring spiritual truth. 

The Chalene Show – I know I’m probably late to the game, but I’ve not always followed Chalene closely.  Of course I’ve known of her since I began my online business (I started out as a Beachbody Coach, so how could I not know who Chalene Johnson is?!), but only recently have I begun following more closely.  She’s just a breath of fresh air!


I hope I covered it all!  As you can see, I am particular about my stuff.  When I find something I like, I stick with it.  If you’ve recently read my list from 2019, you’ll notice that many of the things are the same.  And that’s because I stick with what I like.  And, I like to share it.  Do you have something I should add to my list? Email me, and I’ll check it out. 

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