2019 review

Time to Flip Back Through the Pages of My 2019 Planner

It’s time to flip back through the pages of my 2019 planner and review my year.

If you’ve been a reader for a while, you know that I can’t live without my Kitlife Planner.  It’s not only the place I keep my daily schedule, it’s also my workout journal, gratitude journal, quiet time journal, and so much more!  

When I review the past year, I can learn a lot by simply reading what I wrote in my daily gratitude box.  The thoughts recorded there take me back to the highlights of my year.  

2019 Overall Highlights

Wellness review

  • I logged 1079.5 running miles. 
  • I biked 945.5 miles outside.  
  • I spent a little time on my trainer inside when the weather wasn’t good.  I did yoga most days of the year. I have some go-to at home yoga flows that are 10-20 minutes in length and are perfect for loosening my running muscles as well as strengthening my core and glutes.  
  • I had more than normal doctor visits in 2019.  Besides my annual exams with my general practitioner and gynecologist, I had lumps in both breasts checked multiple times.  In the end, everything was determined to be of no concern. Praise the Lord!

Faith review

My word for 2019 was BreatheI had gotten caught up in the rat race of life.  I’m Type A person, and I simply felt like I had to be busy all the time.  I was not creating margin in my life. Throughout the year, I learned to unplug a little more and learned that I don’t have to be busy to prove myself to anyone.  

I followed the Love God Greatly Bible studies throughout the year and made morning quiet time a daily priority.

Top 19 in 2019 on my gratitude list

How can I go from over 1,000 items on my gratitude list (3 per day) to the top 19?  It’s nearly impossible, but I’ll note things that seem to pop up often. Those things seem to be fairly simplistic, but it’s the simple things in life that keep us grounded and present.  When we’re only noticing, or looking for, the big things, life tends to be more of a roller coaster.  

  • Smell and taste of my morning coffee
  • Availability of online shopping and grocery pick up
  • Healthy body
  • Roof over our heads
  • Naps
  • Technology to connect with friends and family and to meet new people
  • Sunshine coming through the window
  • God’s daily provision
  • Hallmark Channel
  • Kindle books
  • My guys
  • The town I live in
  • Adoration chapel
  • Lunch or coffee with a friend
  • Bike rides
  • Farmers market
  • Dinner on the grill
  • Washer and dryer
  • Early mornings 

What’s coming in 2020?

My word and verse:  ENTRUSTED

“Guard what has been entrusted to your care.” 1 Timothy 6:20 (NIV)

“Arise, for this matter is your responsibility…Be of good courage and do it.” Ezra 10:4 (NKJV)

I, we all, have been entrusted with specific things from God above.  It’s the way He’s created us, and it’s the life He’s designed for us.

We have a body.  We have family. We have time, talents, and treasures.  Each of us has a story and a specific calling.   

Some roles that we play could be played by others, our job, for instance.  Others, like wife and mother, are roles only you and I can play in our home.  

This year I’m committing to be a good steward of that which God has entrusted to me. Those things God has entrusted to each of us are things we must steward well.  Our family is our responsibility to love and care for. Our calling is the thing we must be faithful to and fulfill for the good of others, whatever that calling may be.  

Plans for Faith and Fitness with Marsha

My word of the year is supplying much direction for this space – my website, social media, and weekly emails.  While I will continue to learn and grow, my focus this year is simply to steward well what God has entrusted to me and share that in this space. I have challenges lined up. I’m going to continue to nurture the membership community and provide daily support and accountability there.  


This is a big year for our family.  Ethan will become a senior in high school this fall.  That means college visits and applications. Kent is running for his second term as Judge of Superior Court 1 in Shelby County.  Ben will turn 30. Kent and I will celebrate 20 years of marriage.  We’re planning a family vacation to celebrate all of this!   


I’m currently on a run streak.  I run most days, but I’ve never paid much attention to days off of running.  When I don’t run, I still do yoga, ride my bike, and/or strength train. But recently I realized I had run several days in a row so I’m shooting for 100 days.  That will be here soon. We’ll see where it goes from there.  

I’m limiting my racing days this year.  My times in 2019 just weren’t what I liked and caused unnecessary frustration.  I have two races that I love doing each year: Colts Back to Football 5K and Santa Hustle 5K.  I will do those two, but I’m not sure if there will be any more than that. Instead, I plan to challenge myself by doing intervals and adding some distance to see how my knee adjusts.   Healthy living is about finding a way to eat, move, and live in a way that is sustainable and enjoyable!


Only the Lord knows what else the year holds for me, for my family, for this space.  I simply pray to listen and obey.  


Cheers to 2020!  

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