Why My Favorite Kitchen Appliance Should Be Yours Too

The kitchen is one of the most popular and most used rooms of a home.  It can make us or break us some days.  But we do have to eat, right?!?!  So let’s use it wisely and make the most of it.

My favorite kitchen appliance is my freezer.

Let’s head into the kitchen today!

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Here’s why the freezer is my favorite kitchen appliance and why it should be yours too!

     I drink ice water all day everyday!  I remember reading one time that ice water gives a boost to your metabolism, because your body has to work to bring the water to body temperature.  Now, have I researched that?  No.  But hey, if it works, great!  If not, I’d still drink my water with ice.
     I also put ice in my morning shake.  It makes it thicker and gives it more volume which means I get fuller 🙂
Frozen Food
     I use frozen berries for my morning shake.  I can stock up on chicken breast and other lean meats.  My Ezekiel bread keeps well in the freezer.  Ice cream anyone???  I like the healthy options like Arctic Zero and Halo Top.  I also like to put a container of plain Greek yogurt in the freezer while I’m eating dinner, and when I’m finished, it’s frozen just enough to taste like ice cream (add a tablespoon on chocolate chips and it’s perfect!)
Hiding Place
     Yes, it’s a great hiding place for foods you want on hand but you don’t want them to be at your fingertips.  How about your dark chocolate?  There’s nothing wrong with a chocolate here and there, but I know me, and if it’s in plain sight, it’s easier to go grab.  Plus it takes longer to eat something that is a bit frozen!
     You can make ahead about anything and freeze it until you’re ready to use it.  I make a big batch of protein balls and store them in the freezer.  For the holidays I will make fudge.  Instead of spreading it out over several days or making a new batch every time I need one, I put on my self-control and get it all done in one day and then put it in the freezer and forget about it!
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  1. The freezer is definitely under utilized! Also, I’m in Europe now and ice and cold beverages are so uncommon. Coupled with the lack of AC, it’s constantly soo hot!! Haha

    1. Oh my! I’ve never been to Europe. I’m not sure I could handle no ice and no AC! Wishing you a cool breeze 😉

    1. I don’t have a NutriBullet, but I do have a special blender for my daily shake. Recently I went on vacation and realized the condo didn’t have any type of blender. Not good! I had to revert to the old fashioned “shake vigorously” for my morning shake 😉

  2. hehehe, I’ve never thought of the freezer as a kitchen appliance, but it’s definitely an awesome one! <3

  3. There’s nothing like a good freezer. Our sweet gal is FULL. 😉 Love the idea of freezing the Greek yogurt. Will have to pass that tip along to family.

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