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10 Ways to Thrive This Holiday Season

Ready or not, December is here!  I don’t know about you, but I want to enjoy every minute of it.  I love Christmas!  Some of my favorite parts are the lights and decorations.  I love my early morning runs through a quiet town and seeing houses lit up.  Instead of letting the month and all the activities overwhelm, I hope that you become overjoyed with the season and thrive this month.  

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I’ve found the following to be helpful to thrive instead of survive the holiday season.   

  1. Daily quiet time.  Find an advent study or simply sit with the Lord and pray and read scripture. Love God Greatly has a good advent study.  If our hearts are not prepared, nothing else will fall into place.

  2. Breakfast!  It’s key to a good day.  I go through phases with breakfast.  Sometimes it’s a shake.  Other times I eat oatmeal every day.  If my workout comes later in the day, I may just have a bar.  Listen to your body and nourish it in a way that will give you energy and keep you satisfied through the day.   

  3. Get enough sleep.  Keep to your schedule.  

  4. Stay hydrated…with water!  If you’re having a cocktail then drink extra water.  Don’t drink all of your calories!

  5. Move.  Plan a 5K.  I love running the Santa Hustle 5K in Indianapolis.  Don’t workout to punish yourself or out of guilt.  Just do it to stick with your schedule.  Get some fresh air.  It’s good for your body and your mind. 

  6. Manage stress with things like yoga, a leisure walk, hot bath, cup of hot tea and a book, or Christmas music.

  7. Focus on protein.  Make lean protein a focus at each meal and snack.  It will keep you satisfied throughout the day and limit your afternoon crash.  

  8. Accountability.  Keep up with your running or walking partner.  Use an app.  Keep a workout journal.  Show up in the Faith and Fitness Sisterhood.  You’ll find daily support and encouragement on your healthy living journey.  Email me and let me know you worked out!  I’d love to hear from you!   

  9. Be prepared.  Pack a bar or small snack so you always have something with you that’s a healthy option if you get caught in traffic, shop a little longer than anticipated, visit with a friend, etc.   

  10. Most of all, ENJOY this time of year!  You can do that by practicing moderation.  I will never tell you a certain food or food group is off limits.  You just have to figure out what is beneficial for YOU!  There is no “one size fits all.” You have to find YOUR fit.  Be present in every moment.  If you’re going to have a treat, then really savor and allow yourself to enjoy it.  

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If you’d like this list to print off and keep to refer to, please click this link.  I’ll send it to you!  Here’s to thriving this holiday season….and everyday after!

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  1. For me the hardest part is utilizing self-control. I will be prepared, will have eaten breakfast, and I focus on protein, but I give in to my daily Chick-fil-a cravings fairly often. It’s so bad!
    But I am thriving in that I am enjoying the holiday season, so that’s a positive. haha

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