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I know you’re here because faith and fitness are important to you. I believe you’re ready to do fitness differently. If you’re like me, you want to live a fit and healthy life without it becoming your main focus. You’re finished with diets but you still want to feel good in your body. I get it, and I’ve created a framework that will show you what areas to focus on to feel good without dieting. When you do this, you’ll be free to live the life God has designed for you.
Thanks for stopping by. I’m Marsha. I’m a counselor and author, and I’m here to help you develop a sustainable healthy lifestyle so that you are free to enjoy your current season of life without diets and exercise plans but instead by implementing my Faith and Fitness Framework™.
Some of my backstory:
I’ve struggled with weight and body image since I was a young girl. I followed the Weight Watchers diet plan when I was in elementary school.  I was eating lettuce with salt on it and cans of tuna. I’ve cried WAY too many tears over a number on a scale.

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Praise for "40 Days of Faith and Fitness"

  • Marsha Apsley has an impressive commitment to both her fitness and her faith!  Her devotions provide a daily dose of encouragement for improving physical and spiritual health.  Her forty-day journey includes personal words from her heart that will touch yours.  As Marsha explains in her easy to read collection, fitness and faith go hand-in-hand.  Marsha illuminates this powerful connection to inspire readers to take gentle care of both body and mind.

    Tammy E. Client
  • These devotions are easy to digest and a beautifully simple, yet strong, way to center your mind and day with a little more intention. Marsha's ability to take God's Word and relate it to everyday life and struggles for those on a healthy living journey is gifted. I would highly recommend!

    Lindsey J. Nutrition To Fit
  • You have a gift! These are incredible and I can tell you have a heart for each and every woman reading through these daily devotionals. God is using you to speak to those who love him but may have a hard time loving themselves. Through your words, you act as a coach who both builds up their athlete and also provides helpful feedback at just the right time. I love the balance of encouragement and tough love.

    Kat D. Crunchy Kat

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